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The Mets Insider

New wall and dimension pictures

Posted by Jake Lublin

Today at Citi Field the Mets announced their new park dimensions and wall color

In todays press release Mets GM Sandy Alderson stated “We wanted to make Citi Field fair to both pitchers and hitters,”

In addition to the new dimensions seen above, the wall color will be changed back to blue.

These were some photos that the Mets sent in the press release

Jeff Wipon, had these words to say about the new wall color "We decided to change the outfield wall from black to Mets blue, which many of our fans have wanted.


Some Thoughts:

Well we've known about the new dimensions for a little while now, however one thing I'm pumped up about is the new wall colors.  This makes it feel a lot like Shea Stadium, and thats what all Mets fans have seen for a while.  With the dimensions part of it, like Sandy Alderson said it makes the stadium more balanced for both hitters and pitchers.

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Reyes among others file for free agency

Posted by Jake Lublin

Jose Reyes along with other mets, Willie Harris ,Chris Young Chris CapuanoMiguel Batista, and Jason Isringhausen are now part of the free agency pool of 2011

This morning at midnight any of the players who's contracts have expired were aloud to file for free agency.  Teams have until 11:59 pm tonight to negotiate with their players who's contracts have expired, and then they could talk with other teams.  Also, tomorrow tomorrow night at 11:59 will be the cut off to see if players pick up their options, or if the teams pick up their options.  After that they can declare for free agency.

Let the games begin.....

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25 years ago tonight they sealed the deal

Posted by Jake Lublin

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Joe Nathan now a free agent, could come back as a closer

Posted by Jake Lublin

Joe Nathan now a free agent is looking for a deal to be a closer.  This will play a big role in where Nathan signs, according to Nathan's agent.

The Twins declined the 12.5 million dollar option to pick up his contract for 2012.  They choose to buy him out for 2 millon dollars instead.

Last season after Tommy John surgery Nathan had 14 saves in 17 chances with a 4.84 ERA.



Some Thoughts:

After the end of this season Sandy Alderson announced that the closer spot for next year is not on the roster.  Names have been thrown around there Broxton, K-Rod, Lidge, or Heath Bell.  However Nathan comes up now as an interesting situation.  Clearly Nathan has the potential to be a premiere closer with any team.  However it is hard to say that signing him would be easy.  After coming off Tommy John surgery at the age of 37 people may not want to take a risk that big on a closer when there are a ton on the market.  It seems like the list of closers that the Mets could sign over the off season could be a good thing opening their options.

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Where Were You?

Posted by Jake Lublin

Where were you 25 years to this day? Well New Yorkers and Americans world round were watching the Mets take on the Red Sox in game six of the 1986 World Series.  Down to their last out the Mets managed to load the bases with three straight hits.  Then Mookie Wilson managed to get out of the way of a passed ball thrown by Bob Stanley, which led to Kevin Mitchell scoring the tying run.  Now what could be more stressful then a tie game, two outs and runners in scoring position in the bottom of an inning.... NOTHING.  With every one on the edge of their seats in Shea Stadium Mookie Wilson managed to put the ball in play.  Take a look.....

Jumping like it never did before Shea Stadium was on its feet.  Buckner made this error that seemed to end the Red Sox hope however there was still a game seven.  When the teams resided to their locker rooms, Buckner didn't seem to shaken up.  He clearly did not know what was coming.  Two days later the Mets took game seven from the Boston Red Sox and won the World Series.  From then on in Boston it was "Blame Buckner".

25 years later the thought still sticks out in your mind when you think of Met and Red Sox history.  Although many years later Boston claimed to forgive Buckner, his name still can't be brought up without bringing up the ground ball.

For many Met fans the words they will always remember will be “Little roller up along first.  Behind the bag!  It gets through Buckner!  Here comes Knight and the Mets win it!”.  For us Met fans those words will never become old.


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Confirmation On Citi Field Dimension Changes

Posted by Jake Lublin

Adam Rubin of ESPN New York announced that after the World Series the Mets will announce thier new dimension plan to make the ballpark more hitters friendly.

According to Rubin the sixteen foot wall in left field will have to stay because of the structure of the ballpark.  However, an eight foot wall will be inserted in front of the original wall.  Additional seating will be added in this area, also the foul pole will be reduced enough to be equal to the wall.  The "Mo Zone" will be moved in along with the deepest part of the field in center which stands now 415 feet away from home, will be moved to 390 feet away from home

Hopefully this will improve the teams power, and overall hitting at the Citi Field.

As for now we are not sure what they are doing with the wall color, I doubt they change it back to blue

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Mets accept Elvin Ramirez back from nats

Posted by Jake Lublin

The Mets announced that they have accepted back RHP Elvin Ramirez from the Nationals.  The Nationals took Ramirez from the Mets last year during the rule 5 draft.  The rules state that the Mets had to give 25,000 dollars in return for Ramirez.

To the Mets Ramirez could be a huge asset in upcoming years in there bullpen showing major potential in the Dominican Winter League.

In the minors last year Ramirez went 4-4 with a 4.16 ERA 80 innings with 72 strikeouts.


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D-Backs interested in Wright

Posted by Jake Lublin

In a report from Espn, Buster Olney proposes that the Diamondbacks may be interested in David Wright.

In my opinion, the status of David Wright and where the offseason takes him will depend on who the Mets and who they acquire in free agency and trades.  If the Mets do re-sign Jose Reyes and possibly pick up a premier starting pitcher, the Mets may want to ship Wright to stock their bullpen or gain some more prospects to help build the team.  However if the Mets do not sign Reyes, and just stock their pitching shipping Wright would be a tremendous mistake for the team.  However the production wasn't his best last year Sandy Alderson, Terry Collins, and all Met fans know Wright is an all star 3rd basemen.  Giving up Wright would just be not smart, clearly the Mets would not be able to find anyone to fill his role out of a trade.  With the fact that it will be a smaller ballpark next year at Citi Field, I would say that it will be a much more productive season for Wright if they keep him around.

Last year Wrights numbers were .254 Batting Avg., 61 RBIs, and 14 home runs.  Clearly the Mets know right has the capabilities of producing more for the team.

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Gary Carter’s Brain Tumors Shrinking

Posted by Jake Lublin

Kimmy Bloemers, Gary Carters daughter wrote in her journal that her dads tumors have now decreased in size 75%. Also "parts of the tumors are actually dying" which is a wonderful sign.  The kid will always be in our mind throughout his journey to fight off these tumors.

For more info on Gary visit the family website: Click Here

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Where will Reyes end up?

Posted by Jake Lublin

The Speculations continue if Jose will stay or go.  According to him the Mets have not started contact with him

“They’ll probably start up within the next few days,” Reyes said, according to Klopsis. “But right now, everything is quiet.” Reyes quoted a couple of days ago

If the Mets don't start to negotiate with Reyes soon they will take the back seat on the race to land him. Clearly when the season ended Reyes made it clear he would like to stay with the Mets.

When being interviewed Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun had this to say about Reyes.

“Reyes is dynamic, man — he is one of the most exciting players in the game. He plays with a lot of energy and a lot of emotion and I enjoy watching him play. He’s one of my favorite players to watch. Whenever their games are on, I love watching him, man. He always plays the game the right way. He always plays hard. He runs everything out.”

-Mike Puma of the New York Post.

Brewers, Red Sox's, or the Mets will be just some of the teams that are thrown into the loop of the teams that are in the mix for Reyes.  We will just have to wait and see.

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