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The Mets Insider

Beltran Interview

Posted by Jake Lublin

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Carlos Beltran to make the switch from CF to RF

Posted by Jake Lublin

"I came today thinking in my heart, 'I still think I can play center field,' " Beltran said. "But, at the same time, this is not about Carlos. This is about team." Carlos Beltran will be switching to right field this year. As I expected Angel Pagan will be taking over at center field after playing in my opinion fantastic last season filling in for Beltran after he went down with a knee injury. Beltran is still not 100% (and in my opinion, will never be back to normal again) at camp and will be DHing this weekend and in the next 7-110 days we will be seeing him in his new position right field.

"In order for me to play center field, I need more time," Beltran said. "I want to be on the same page with everyone here. I want Terry to have his time and to come to the ballpark ready to play the lineup without thinking where he is going to play Pagan, where he's going to play me. At the same time I'm thinking about Pagan coming to the ballpark and preparing himself and focused to play baseball. I don't want to create any distractions here. Like I said, I want to play right. I think it's best for the team. I think it's going to be best for me also, best for my knee. It's going to be less active than playing center field."

Beltran is in if final year of his contract and has played 3 games in right field his career. He played it for the Royals in 2000.

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Top 10 Issues Facing the 2011 Mets: Number 10

Posted by Jake Lublin

Over the next couple days I will be taking a look into 10 topics that raise questions for this upcoming New York Mets season. Some may be obvious, and others surprising. With out further ado the list begins with number 10...
  • Ike Davis

    • How will he develop
    • Will he produce enough to be the power first basemen they have been looking for
    • Can he and Wright but the “corner” cornerstones of the franchise

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Dont Worry

Posted by Jake Lublin

Thanks to the news from Wallace Mathews of says the executive director of the Major League Baseball Association said he has "every confidence" that the Mets will be able to pay there players. For more info on the topic check out Wallace Mathews article on

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Mets vs Braves Recap

Posted by Jake Lublin

The Mets and Braves spring training ended in a 5 to 5 tie after ten innings

Box score and stats: click here

Some things that were big :

Next for the Mets:  Two games tomorrow the first at Digital Domain Park against the University of Michigan at 12:10 pm and the second at Disney World vs the Braves at 1:05 pm

We will have pre and post game analysis and info about these games tomorrow

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Spring Training: Braves vs. Mets

Posted by Jake Lublin

The Mets open their Spring Training season today home against the Braves.

Where:Digital Domain Park, Port St. Lucie FL

When: 1:10

Catch the game: Watch live on Pix 11 or listen in on 660 WFAN

Mets starting lineup:

1. Jose Reyes SS
2. Luis Castillo 2B
3. David Wright 3B
4Angel Pagan CF
5. Jason Bay LF
6. Ike Davis 1B
7. Josh Thole C
8. Scott Hairston DH
9. Fernando Martinez RF

Jenrry Mejia will get the start for the Mets

Braves starting lineup:

  1. Jordan Schafer DH
  2. Nate McLouth CF
  3. Jason Heyward RF
  4. Brian McCann C
  5. Eric Hinske LF
  6. Freddie Freeman 1B
  7. Brooks Conrad 2B
  8. Brandon Hicks 3B
  9. Diory Hernandez SS

Jair Jurrjens will get the start for the Braves.


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Need some help?

Posted by Jake Lublin

The news spilled out in to the world of sports today when Adam Rubin from reported that last November the Mets were given a 25 million dollar loan from the MLB to help them get over the economic situation they were in.  With Fred Wilpon being involved with the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme of last year the Mets were knee high in debt.  The Mets facing a 1 billion dollar lawsuit because the Mets owners allegedly knew about the fraud.  Wilpon stated "I can only tell you we have the resources in other businesses. Every one of our other businesses are going very well. And this business has to be straightened out -- no question about it." clearly his other businesses weren't going very well when the MLB had to lend them money.  This adding on to the the reasons the Mets will be sold, rumors have it people such as Donald Trump have came up in these discussions.

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Emaus wants 2nd base

Posted by Jake Lublin

Emaus in the field

With all the names swirling around the highly competitive race for 2nd base one stands out to me, up and comer Brad Emaus.  The 5th pick for the Mets looks to have the bat Terry Collins wants coming out of the infield.  Along with Daniel Murphy, Luis Castillo and Justin Turner this race is sure in for a great ending.  Collins has made it clear that he wants an offensive second basemen, giving Emaus a little edge over the others.  I'm sure we wont stop hearing about this race till the end of spring training.


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Jose Reyes

Posted by Jake Lublin

2/25/11                                                                                                                 Continuation:

Tejada the answer?

Are they preparing for the future with him now?


The Mets star but injury prone shortstop Jose Reyes is scheduled to be a free agent after this season. The question for the front office is what to do with him. Re-sign, play out the year and let him go, or trade him? His production has noticeable dropped the past few years, whether it be due to injury (thyroid or hamstring) or the inconsistency in batting order flipping between batting 1 and 3. In 2009 while playing in only 36 games he had 2 triples and 11 stolen bases. This a major decrease from his 19 and 56 in 2008, yes that was a full season, but lets look into last season. Reyes playing in 133 games accounted for 10 and 30. Only a 26 game difference... not enough for that big of a drop in numbers between the years. Word around the team is that Reyes has reported to camp in 2008 form, and hoping to return to that player he once was. Not only fans are wishing for the best and that the old Reyes returns, but the team is too he could be the spark plug and energizer this Mets team is looking for.

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Jason Bay… still the player he once was?

Posted by Jake Lublin

Outfielder Jason Bay was acquired by the Mets last offseason, while coming off of a great two seasons as a Boston Red Sox his numbers on the playing field decreased while playing his first season as a Met.  In his 2009 season as a Red Sox he hit 36 home runs, 119 RBI's, and had a batting average of .267.  Coming off of one of his best seasons of his career he entered the Mets organization with high hopes failed to deliver.  Dropping his power game to only 6 hrs, a huge drop in RBI's to only 47, and batting .259 the Mets faithful were not happy.  For sure we all know Jason Bays skill potential the question is will he come through or not. If Jason Bay does come through this will provide the Mets with more star power and should help up there record rise in the NL East.

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